Why Is SMS the Third Leg of the Stool?

When an SMS technician visits a property, he not only takes care of the work order at hand but he also spends a few minutes doing a quick inspection of the property to see if any other problems stand out.

Upon completion of a quarterly preventive maintenance visit, our HVAC technician noticed a large amount of surface water on the front parking lot although the weather had been dry for several days.

The technician took the above picture of his muddy boot in the puddle.  We sent the picture and a proposal to the property manager, offering to investigate and repair the water leak.  Unaware of the problem, the property manager gratefully authorized us to proceed.  No doubt, our additional “eyes and ears” on the property saved the owner thousands of dollars in unexpected water and sewer charges that would have resulted.

All of our twenty-eight service technicians, regardless of their specialty will do a quick drive-around and help our clients know when something needs attention.

This is why, on hundreds of office, industrial and retail properties across Metro-Atlanta…

SMS is the third leg of the stool
that helps keep properties operating at peak performance.

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