What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

When Was the Last Time You Checked Your Backflow Preventer?

Spectrum Maintenance Services works with owners and property managers to help protect public health and minimize liability resulting from faulty systems.

Backflow preventers should be checked annually by a certified technician and replaced when age, wear and tear or malfunction are indicated.

Backflow is the reversal of water’s normal direction of flow. When water passes through a water meter into a customer’s home or business it should not flow back into the County water main. If it does, the condition is referred to as “backflow”. Backflow prevention is keeping the unintentional reversal of water flow from occurring. Prevention of backflow is critical to a water utility because of the potential for contamination of the water system. In the absence of backflow prevention devices and assemblies, reversed water can be drawn back into the distribution system and it may be accessed by other users. If a backflow incident results from industrial customers who may handle hazardous materials, the public system can become contaminated.

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