You Never Get a Second Chance to Make a First Impression

Most people are unfamiliar with Will Rogers, one of the great “social influencers” of the early 20th Century who coined this phrase. Why do we bring it up? The condition of your vacant suites plays a major role in how successful you will be in re-letting the space. 

There’s no better way to chase away a good prospect then to unlock the door and be greeted by the smell of a dry plumbing-trap or to have them walk through spider webs on a tour of the space.

If the sheet rock walls are damaged, if fluorescent lights are out and the carpet is stained, then you’re depending on the tenant’s imagination when comparing your space to other options that they will visit on the tour.

Why not patch and paint the walls, rip up the old carpet and get the lights working before putting the space on the market? And by all means, make sure that your maintenance team services the space at least monthly to make sure it looks and smells its best!

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